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  • Texas Educators Vote!
    Take an oath to support public education with your votes in 2016. View a Voter's Guide for educators and find links to additional election resources. Sponsored by our friends at the Texas Association of Community Schools, Texas Rural Education Association, and Pastors for Texas Children.

  • Texas Parent PAC

    Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee supporting high quality public education. Find Parent PAC-endorsed candidates who support public education on this website.

  • Texans for Secure Retirement
    Texans for Secure Retirement is a group of public employees and retirees concerned about the prospects for public and private sector employee retirement security. TSR is 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to the defense of defined benefit plans. 

  • Friends of Texas Public Schools (FOTPS)

    FOTPS seeks to dispel the myth of widespread failure in Texas's public schools by sharing information about the untold success stories and accomplishments of students, teachers, and administrators. The group hopes to encourage teachers to join and remain in the profession and assist parents and others to get involved with the public schools in their community.


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  • "How to Find Time to Read Blogs"
    This article from the Spring 2009 ATPE News, while slightly dated, gives the basics of setting up a blog reader so you automatically receive updates from blogs such as the Teach the Vote blog.