Take Action

TeachtheVote.org is dedicated to spreading the message that your informed vote is a powerful tool. We primarily feature profiles of all candidates running for seats in the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education, along with major statewide campaigns, but we encourage you to become involved in your political party and other national, state and local elections. ATPE is also dedicated to spreading our viewpoints on education policy and our belief that public education is a shared endeavor as important as your right to vote.

Public education and all public enterprises work best when we all participate in the process. As a citizen, you control the amount of time, money and effort you want to contribute to a cause or campaign. ATPE members hope you take the time to form your own views on the intersection of politics and public education. We challenge you to take action and vote your profession during this election cycle and beyond and to encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. The information below will help you get involved this election year.

Visit our Resources page, too, for more information and links to other advocacy-related websites. Plus, don't forget about our blog, where you can find the latest news related to Texas elections, legislative developments, regulatory changes, and much more.