TRS releases ActiveCare rates for 2020

The board of trustees for the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Texas met in Austin this week. Of note on their agenda was a discussion of proposed TRS-ActiveCare pricing for 2020.

Overall, the premiums for all ActiveCare plans will be increased by 3.9 percent on average, which is significantly lower than market averages, with the average increase for the ActiveCare I – High Deductible plan and ActiveCare Select at 3 percent and the increase for the ActiveCare II plan at 8.9 percent.

Note: ActiveCare II was closed to new enrollees after the 2018 plan year.

You can see the exact premium increases and benefits changes for the different coverage options on the attached rate card, or for more in-depth information, view the TRS Benefits Committee board board book at pages 16-31.

If you have questions about TRS-ActiveCare plans, visit the TRS-ActiveCare web page or call 1-800-222-9205.

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7 thoughts on “TRS releases ActiveCare rates for 2020

    1. Monty Exter Post author

      Thanks for you Question.

      The board only took up Active-Care premiums at this meeting. TRS-Care (retiree) rates will be addressed at a meeting either in late summer or early fall. The reason for the timing difference is that the Active-Care plan year runs from September 1 to August 31, while the Care plan runs from January 1 to December 31.

      I hope that answers your question. If you have any others please feel free to ask.

  1. Anonymous

    The out-of-pocket expenses continue to rise. For a paraprofessional or auxiliary employee individual only, a deductible of $6,750 is unacceptable as well as the total out-of-pocket expense of $20,250. Most full-time paras and auxiliary personnel earn well below this mean annually. With as many TRS member participants, a better rate with a lower deductible should be researched. Since smaller corporations can offer more affordable health coverage with lower premiums, lower deductibles, and lower total out-of-pocket costs we have begun seeing paras and auxiliary personnel resign or not accept hiring offers due to these skyrocketing rates and costs. How much longer must we all bleed before it stops?

  2. Dennis Pattarozzi

    Teachers need to be allowed to look for better options for healthcare. I can promise you there are better deals out there, but TRS forces them to stay in their plan once they have enrolled. This is ridiculous and more of our teachers are going to leave their profession due to these ridiculous premiums

    1. Wilma Rimes

      You are so right. My husband was offered Medical Advantage insurance from Aetna. No co pay + dental and vision insurance.

  3. Bill Rusteberg

    Size means nothing when it comes to health care financing. That’s proven with the on-going financial results of the +400,000 member TRS ActiveCare single payer government health program. What most don’t know is health care costs have remained essentially flat for the past ten-fifteen years yet health insurance costs have skyrocketed. There reasons why.

    The solution is better benefits, more choice and lower costs. Two small Texas school districts have done just that since 1998. A third school district recently challenged TRS and established a similar plan this year, employing the same strategies. Better benefits, more choice and less cost.


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