TRS update: The vote is in

After taking testimony from many active and retired educators and those who advocate for them, including ATPE, the TRS board of directors deliberated today and ultimately adopted an assumed rate of return of 7.25%, down from 8% currently.

You can read more about this issue in previous Teach the Vote blog posts, including this post from yesterday. ATPE has also released this press statement following this morning’s vote.

TRS has provided this infographic to help interested parties better understand the reasons behind the move to a new rate and address some questions related to change.

One thing is certain: the ball is now firmly in the legislatur’es court to properly fund the TRS pension through increased compensation rates. Educators who are interested in the health of the fund should keep that in mind at the ballot box in November.

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2 thoughts on “TRS update: The vote is in

  1. Deann Lee

    Relying on the Leg to do the right thing with our current leaders? Lord help us. The first step is YOURS people- VOTE PUBLIC ED!!!!

  2. Gayle Sampley

    Active and Retired Texas Teachers: Time to put on your boots and go educate your state legislators when the session begins in Austin next January.


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