Don’t miss your opportunity to vote in the May 10 election!

Tomorrow, April 10, is the last day you can register to vote in the upcoming May 10 election.

Many school board trustee elections will be taking place on May 10, along with a special election in State Senate District 4 to fill the seat of former Sen. Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands). Williams resigned in October, and four candidates are vying for the vacant seat: Rep. Brandon Creighton (R), former Sen. Michael Galloway (R), Richard “Gordy” Bunch (R) and Rep. Steve Toth (R). View their candidate profiles on Teach the Vote.

All educators should pay close attention to school board races and actively participate in school board elections by voting. School board trustees make important decisions about the compensation and employment of staff in the district, graduation and curriculum requirements for students, budgets for district programs and local property taxes that are imposed. School board trustees also have the power to make decisions about entering into exclusive consultation agreements with educator groups and converting districts or campuses to charter schools. The May 10 election is your opportunity to decide which candidates you are willing to entrust with making these substantial decisions in your school district.

Early voting for this election runs April 28 to May 6, but you cannot vote if you’re not registered! Visit for complete details on how to register. (NOTE: The deadline to register to vote in the May 27 primary election runoffs will be April 28.)

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One thought on “Don’t miss your opportunity to vote in the May 10 election!

  1. Oscar Phillip Castro III

    70% of our U.S students are not proficient readers and another 70% of these same students are not proficient in math and they never will be. The underlying structure of this high failure is all because of TESTING! AND MORE TESTING! There is no time for meaningful learning such as reading and math. Some people just don’t get it or they simply don’t care to! Mean while, all the testing companies are getting rich!
    Oscar Phillip Castro III
    Texas Teacher


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