The scoop on precinct conventions

Our friends at The Texas Tribune have provided a simple explanation of recent changes to the way the Republican and Democratic parties conduct their precinct elections.

In the past, precinct conventions have been held on primary election night immediately after the polls close. The meetings were an opportunity for local party affiliates to elect delegates to their party’s county or senatorial district conventions and discuss proposed resolutions to the party’s official platform.

This year, the Democratic party and some precincts within the Republican party are opting not to conduct precinct conventions tonight. They will instead assemble local delegates prior to the county or senatorial district conventions on March 22.

Read more details here, and check with your local party to find out how to participate in your party’s electoral process.

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2 thoughts on “The scoop on precinct conventions

  1. Nancy Bean

    Jennifer, I am a candidate for SBOE, District 11 and have not had an opportunity to fill out the Teach the Vote survey. I spoke with someone on the phone yesterday who said I would have the survey right away, but I have not yet received it. I am eager to fill it out and have my information included. Thanks. Nancy Bean

  2. Glen Rabalais

    I have made contact with the SBOE Democratic candidate from our District 7. She is Kathy King. A Occupational Therapy specialist from Port Neches. I asked her to complete a Teach the Vote survey and she is willing. Her email is Please send her an email with the survey, thanks. I asked her for her principles and her goals for the SBOE.
    She is need of financial support and believes that Education is not about politics but about involving the community and creating a quality education for our kids future. Her cell phone is 409-527-1486. Please make this contact to her so that she is aware of our interest in defeating David Bradley. I want her to know we are reaching out to her and we want to support her.


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