Draft of new teaching standards released by TEA

Commissioner of Education Michael Williams has formally proposed a long-awaited set of new professional standards for teachers this week. If adopted, the new rules containing the standards will take effect in March 2014 and will reside in Title 19, Chapter 149, of the Texas Administrative Code. Texas Education Agency (TEA) officials have said that the new standards will be used to “inform the development” of a new state teacher appraisal system, which the commissioner agreed to create as a condition of the NCLB waiver granted to Texas this year.

Several ATPE members served on a TEA teacher stakeholder committee that worked this fall to develop recommendations for the new teacher standards. The standards are intended to provide guidance on best practices in the areas of instructional planning and delivery, knowledge of students and student learning, content knowledge and expertise, learning environment, data-driven practice, and professional practices and responsibilities.

The public is invited to submit comments on the proposed standards to TEA via email (rules@tea.state.tx.us). The public comment period runs from Dec. 13 through Jan. 28.

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6 thoughts on “Draft of new teaching standards released by TEA

  1. Brock Gregg

    Ms. Pajestka:

    Your comment is a good sign. These standards are currently up for review by the Commissioner of Education. It is the first time standards for teachers in Texas have been re-examined since the formation of the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) in the mid 90’s. Although Code of Ethics standards have been reformed several times by SBEC, these new standards are meant to become the core for teacher education, performance and professional behavior into the future. They will also be used to effect a new statewide evaluation system for teachers and principals. As a practicing teacher, If you see these standards as what teachers are already doing and should be doing, then that is a sign that the process is headed in the right direction. I hope more educators will take the time to review these standards and also comment to the commissioner using the links provided above. Thanks for your input.

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  3. Brenda Reece

    Will this halt the devaluation of professional teachers? With all of the alternative certification options, it seems that if you can’t get a job doing what you really want try teaching for a few years.

    1. Jennifer Canaday Post author

      Brenda, thanks for your comment. TEA has repeatedly said they would like these new teaching standards to inform future policies around all aspects of the teaching profession – not just evaluation but also ed prep and certification. All of the SBEC rules pertaining to ed prep are scheduled to be reviewed this spring, so we are hopeful that there will be a fruitful discussion about setting the bar higher for entrance into the profession and ensuring that teacher certification candidates are truly prepared to enter the classroom. Whether you’re talking about traditional or alternative certification, the minimum standards established by the state are lower than those in many other states, and unfortunately, ATPE’s attempts to change this have been met with resistance from those who make more money by lowering the bar and letting more people into the profession who may not have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach.

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