Sen. Dan Patrick to debate Vice Chair of SBOE Thomas Ratliff on CSCOPE

Senate Education Committee Chairman, and now candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) will debate Vice Chairman of the State Board of Education Thomas Ratliff on CSCOPE, an online curriculum aid used by many Texas schools.

Patrick recently led a push to end production of CSCOPE lessons, which some conservatives believe promotes a liberal agenda. However, although no new lessons will be created, there is nothing stopping schools from using lessons that are already in existence. This issue has become a hot topic for both Patrick and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who are using it to drum up attention prior to election season. Patrick issued a public challenge that he would debate anyone of the merits of the system. Ratliff accepted Patrick’s challenge.

As of press time, the two sides were wrangling over the details of the event, which will take place Aug. 24 in Tyler.

Stay tuned for updates.

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3 thoughts on “Sen. Dan Patrick to debate Vice Chair of SBOE Thomas Ratliff on CSCOPE

  1. oscar phillip castro III

    Why not look into the teacher certification generalist 191? The failure rate is at 34% statewide and with all the repeats of this test, the failure rate jumps to 58% of actual tests taken. I have been researching this test and interviewing students, most of which are in their late forties and late fifties and the financial loss due to the loss of teaching opportunities is devastating.
    The countless stories I have encountered are without any concern. SBEC and TEA simply do not realize or care to realize the profound negative impact this test has caused. They believe that this test will create a high quality teacher, but only time in the classroom will demonstrate the quality of a teacher. We just want to make a difference in the lives of our Texas Children and move on with our lives.

    Wisdom + knowledge + Experience + Passion + Determination + Love of Teaching = Highly Qualified Teacher

    Oscar Phillip Castro III
    Texas Music Teacher

    1. Jennifer Canaday - ATPE Governmental Relations

      Oscar, thanks for your feedback on the generalist certification exam. It’s our understanding that TEA is in the process of revising those tests, so it is likely you will see some changes in the future. Out of curiosity, do you believe there is a need for educator preparation programs to focus more on the content areas covered by those exams?

  2. R Soos

    This note is to Jennifer Canaday in reply to her question above. I don’t believe you can really teach to the current certification exams. The ones I took were very easy because all one had to do was put on a politically correct hat and answer the questions as posed as a person immersed in a politically correct society would. Simple. What I would love to see is the same rigor on those tests as the students have to take on the Staar tests. In other words – the tests should be content specific, not politically correct specific. A teacher will be delivering content, and the tests should reflect the teacher’s knowledge of content; not the teacher’s political responses to “how will you approach a parent when their child is absent?” Those questions could be left to the interview process.


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