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What are the issues at stake?

Every Texan is a public education stakeholder, and because all public education issues are decided in the realm of public policy, we all have a voice if we choose to use it. Through Teach the Vote, ATPE is highlighting issues that are of great importance to the education community, but we believe the information presented here is relevant to all public education stakeholders.

Under each issue, you'll find:

  • A statement of ATPE's priorities for the 86th Legislature related to each issue.
  • An explanation of the issue.
  • ATPE's position on the issue as determined by the ATPE Legislative Program, a member-written-and-approved document that lists ATPE's stances on education issues.
  • Links to additional information on major legislative developments related to the issue.

We encourage you to become more familiar with the state of public education today and to formulate your own viewpoints. Visit our Teach the Vote blog for updates on developments at the Capitol and more information about how you can help advocate for public education. You can also sign up to receive email and RSS alerts whenever new blog content is posted, and you can follow @TeachtheVote and ATPE's lobbyists on Twitter. In addition, the information on our Take Action and Resources pages will help you communicate with officeholders and other stakeholders about these and other issues.