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Teach the Vote’s Week in Review: April 5, 2024

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 4/05/2024

The ATPE Governmental Relations team recaps the past week’s education news, legislative and election updates, and regulatory developments.

SBEC: Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has appointed ATPE member Bobbie Lynn Weir to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) for a term set to expire Feb. 1, 2027. Weir is a career and technical education (CTE) teacher in Richardson ISD. A former private-sector business executive, Weir is the hotel practicum coordinator at Richardson High School, which recently created a new “Hotel Lobby Area Learning Center” for CTE students. Weir is a National Board Certified teacher and a Teach Plus Policy alumnus fellow.

SBOE: The State Board of Education (SBOE) launched a new website Monday: sboe.texas.gov. The streamlined site is separate from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website, making it easier for the public to access SBOE meeting agendas, press release, board member contact information, and more. The SBOE will next meet April 9–12. 

MAY ELECTIONS: Be sure to mark your calendar for the not one but two election dates in May: May 4, a local election date when many school district trustee and bond elections will take place across Texas, and May 28, when primary runoff elections will occur. The key dates are: 

May 4 Local Election 

  • Deadline to apply for ballot by mail: April 23 
  • Early voting: April 22–30 

May 28 Primary Runoff Election (not all districts have runoffs)

  • Voter registration deadline: April 29
  • Deadline to apply for ballot by mail: May 17  
  • Early voting: May 20–24  

ECLIPSE: The Great American Eclipse has, well, eclipsed most other news this week, with many school districts opting to close April 8 due to anticipated traffic and strain on emergency services. Despite the less-than-promising weather forecast, we hope you and your students have a safe and fascinating eclipse experience, and don’t miss this ATPE Blog post with eclipse-related resources. 


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