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TEA proposes rule to implement advanced middle school math bill

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

Date Posted: 3/27/2024 | Author: Mark Wiggins

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) published a new proposed rule Monday requiring each school district and open-enrollment charter school to develop a middle school advanced mathematics program for students in Grades 6-8 to enable students to enroll in Algebra I in Grade 8. 

The rule would implement the statutory requirements of Senate Bill (HB) 2124, which the 88th Legislature passed in 2023. SB 2124 includes a parental notification requirement and a provision allowing parents to opt their student out of the advanced math program. 

The proposed rule text includes a requirement that certain students be automatically enrolled in a middle school advanced math program. Those students would include each Grade 6 student whose performance was in the 60th percentile or higher on statewide scores for the Grade 5 STAAR math exam or in the top 40% on a local measure that includes the student’s Grade 5 class ranking or a demonstrated proficiency in Grade 5 math coursework. 

The agency announced a webinar discussing the advanced math program from 2–4 p.m. March 28. You must register in advance to participate.  

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Clarence R Evans, Jr.

Great ... However many (if not most) schools are already doing this. We have done this at Overton since 1987. As a math teacher (retired) I attended many workshops regarding curriculum as well as teaching methods. I recall being given data that only 1 in 5 8th grade math students had the abstract thinking ability to successfully complete Algebra I. At the same time the research showed that only 50% of all 9th grade students had that needed ability. If that is true then why are all Texas High school students required to take Algebra I by the end of their 9th grade year?

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