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Statement on legislative impasse over teacher pay raise

Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote

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Date Posted: 5/28/2023

ATPE Governmental Relations Director Monty Exter has the following statement on the legislative impasse over a teacher pay raise that resulted in the death of House Bill (HB) 100 by Rep. Ken King (R–Canadian):

“Make no mistake: The governor, lieutenant governor, and Senate majority took a teacher pay raise hostage to try to pass a voucher scheme that couldn’t pass on its own. This was about politics, not kids.

“The Legislature had a historic surplus on its hands and thus a historic opportunity to invest in the public schools that are the backbone of Texas communities. Instead, the governor and Senate leadership would rather use students and teachers as political pawns.

“But the Texas public school community is not fooled. Teachers will not forget their raises became a bargaining chip, unlike raises for state employees. They won’t forget that fact during a special session, and they won’t forget that fact at election time.

“We applaud the legislative champions who continue to fight voucher schemes that will defund public schools and who will continue to fight for a teacher pay raise. We pledge to continuing to work alongside Speaker Phelan, Chairman King and the countless other legislators who are dedicated to doing right by Texas students and Texas public schools.”

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J. Perez

Teachers are the Biggest organization in Texas, but they don’t take the time to vote!! This why we are at at this time in point!! Republicans have been in office for almost 30 Years and have not done anything for public school teachers!!

Sandra Klein

As a public educators during the next election, we need to show our strength in numbers and vote against the politicians who are pro vouchers and continue to make false statements in their political ads about giving us raises. Let’s cross party lines and vote for kid-first, teacher-first candidates!

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