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Teach the Vote
Teach the Vote


Date Posted: 4/19/2023

Voter turnout is historically low in Texas, especially in crucial local elections. As an example, voter turnout in last year’s May uniform and state constitutional amendment election was approximately 7.6%. In contrast, approximately 45% of registered voters cast their ballots in the November general election, which included statewide races for governor and lieutenant governor.

In the upcoming May 6 election, many Texas voters will be electing school board trustees. Educators like you have much at stake in these elections. School board members have the power to set salaries and decide whether to award stipends or bonuses; approve educator contracts in the district; hear grievances and adopt local policies on school safety and curriculum as allowed by state and federal law.

In light of the increased politicization of education in recent years, making your voice heard at the ballot box is the best way to ensure that your school board is working in the best interest of educators, students, and parents.

If your community is holding a local election, be sure to make note of these important dates:

  • First Day of Early Voting : Monday, April 24
  • Last Day of Early Voting: Tuesday, May 2
  • Election Day: Saturday, May 6

Keep in mind that dates may vary based on your location. You can find your voter registration status, polling places, and more on the Texas Secretary of State’s My Voter Page, or contact your county clerk. You can also build a personalized sample ballot at to take with you to the polls. For more information about the election, visit

Be sure to share these resources with your colleagues and friends, too. We’ll see you at the polls!


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